ABCO Beverage Fillers

Coca-Cola is a large part of ABCO’s history as the majority of the business in 1977 was syrup packaging, material handling, and controls in the Coca-Cola Fountain plants.

In the beginning, ABCO provided all the electrical maintenance and new construction for the Greensboro, N.C. Coca-Cola syrup plant, including maintenance of conveyor systems, automatic syrup mixing controls, packaging equipment, boiler, heating, air-conditioning, public address systems, burglar and fire alarms, emergency lighting, refrigeration controls, pumps and motor controls and others. With new staffing procedures in its plants, Coca-Cola provided the company the opportunity to work with Coca-Cola corporate engineers and employees from other facilities. In addition Coca-Cola awarded the company business in other locations, which started a series of events that would grow ABCO from a few employees to roughly 160 today.

Over time, as the staff learned and understood Coca-Cola's needs, small machines, such as labelers, label removers, degassers, and manual fillers, were developed and put in production at various Coca-Cola locations. These small machines were popular and with the controls work going well, the company started to see larger opportunities which included container packaging lines to be installed in almost every major Coca-Cola Fountain plant in the country. Other early projects included a truck washing and sanitizing unit, a chemical feeder system, and a control system that included the first solid state programmable controller installed in the Greensboro, N.C. Coca-Cola plant.

Today, ABCO has provided filling machines for various consumer products including coffee, dairy, concentrates, water, wine, syrup, and tea.