Bag-in-Box Packaging Offers Economical and Sustainable Advantages

Bag-in-box filler packaging is an economical and eco-friendly storage solution for many types of liquid products, from beverages and water to detergents and chemicals. Using flexible packaging benefits manufacturers in several ways. It can preserve and protect a product’s quality while providing a longer shelf life, and lighter weight materials help reduce shipping and warehousing costs. Environmental rewards include fewer natural resources used in the production process, less consumer waste sent to landfills, and smaller amounts of emitted greenhouse gases.

ABCO filling machines are designed to work with a wide variety of bag-in-box packaging materials, bags, pouches, cap and dispensers, and boxes, manufactured by various suppliers. Whether standard materials or custom bag-in-box materials, ABCO bag-in-box machines can accommodate any supplies.




  • Highest speeds and throughput

  • Highest yield

  • Precision accuracy

  • Turnkey lines / automation

  • Durability

  • Quality construction

  • 40 years of industry experience


  • Wine / Spirits

  • Beverage /Soda

  • Water

  • Hand Soaps

  • Commercial Detergents

  • Petroleum Products

  • Motor Oil