Fill up to 25 bags per minute with ABCO high-speed fillers

ABCO manufactures fully automated high-speed fillers with the capability to fill up to 25 bags per minute. Two models are available, HS-2000 (single head) or HS-4000 (dual head). ABCO’s durable and reliable high-speed fillers can accommodate a broad range of bags, fitments and dispensers. With an Allen Bradley ControlLogix platform, we provide ease of use and flexibility for accurate filling, maximum product yield, rapid product changes, trending, rapid troubleshooting, and simplified user operations. Either model comes standard with servo-driven positive displacement pumps to provide the most accurate fills with minimum foaming. Both models are fully programmable from the HMI, enabling users to optimize fill rates and related processes.


The technology in our high-speed fillers clearly sets us apart from the competition. Our fill valves are proven reliable and repeatable. With a high-speed filler, users can gain the following:

  • Increased production capacity

  • Enhanced yields and profits through improved precision and accuracy

  • Increased productivity with loading and unloading automation

  • Clean environment from drip-free filling, sanitary design, and clean-in-place system

  • Ease of use with a customized operator interface

  • Increased uptime facilitated with production monitoring

  • Long equipment life via durable and quality construction

Our capabilities include CE marking and UL listed panels, electronics for hazardous locations, drip-free filling, customized operator interface with menu-driven product changes, support for clean-in-place systems, and production monitoring with an interface to ERP and other systems.

And, ABCO high-speed fillers are easy to implement: one operator runs the filler in production mode. The filler runs in a fully automated mode and signals the operator when bags need replacing. Product changeovers from one fluid to another only take three steps: system drain down, automated clean-in-place (CIP) cycle, and product selection by the operator at the interface.


  • Produce more with higher rates

  • Save money with accurate filling

  • Keep running with automation

  • Save time with ease of use

  • Stay clean with no drip valves

FEATURES: HS-2000 and HS-4000

  • Automated bag loader and unloader

  • Fully programmable fill levels and rates

  • “No-drip” valve

  • Bag and cap sensors

  • Automatic cap removal

  • Servo-driven positive displacement pump

  • Fill up to 25 bags per minute

  • 1 to 24 liters

  • +/- 0.3% fill accuracy

  • T316 stainless steel product surfaces

  • T304 stainless steel non-product surfaces

  • Allen Bradley controls

  • Quick change tooling

  • Clean-in-place design

  • Box loader

  • Customized operator interface

  • Compatible with packaging lines

  • Built to last


  • Nitrogen topoff

  • Case erector / bottom case sealer

  • Top case sealer

  • Case coder

  • Product and case labeling

  • Automated palletizer with stretch wrapping

  • CE and UL listed panels


  • Wine / Spirits

  • Beverage / Soda

  • Water

  • Hand Soaps

  • Commercial Detergents

  • Petroleum Products

  • Motor Oil

Hs-2000 - Single Head / Hs-4000 - Dual Head Strip Filler & Box Loader

Auto Bag Feed/load & UnloadingT316 Stainless SteelHS-2000: 3-5L 15 BPM
Automatic Cap RemovalTeflonHS-2000: 10L 14 BPM
No Bag/No Cap SensorProduct Compatible ElastomersHS-2000: 20-24L 9 BPM
Clean In Place (CIP) Ready3A Sanitary WeldsHS-4000: 3-5L 25 BPM
Servo Driven PD PumpNon-Product Surfaces – T304 StainlessHS-4000: 10L 25 BPM
HS-4000: 20-24L 18 BPM