ABCO Automation - Bag-In-Box Fillers

ABCO Automation is an industry leader in the design and manufacture of Bag-in-Box Fillers (BIB), including high-speed, semi-automatic, rotary, or custom machines. We’ve earned a solid reputation for building the best Bag-in-Box Fillers by combining proven designs with cutting-edge technologies, repeatedly setting the standard in our industry. Our ability to custom build filling equipment sets us apart from any other supplier of liquid filling systems. Every ABCO Bag-in-Box Filler is manufactured and fully tested in our 220,000 SF facility located in Greensboro, N.C.

Bag-in-box Filler packaging is an economical and eco-friendly solution for many types of liquid products, from beverage to detergents and chemicals. Our machines are designed to fill a variety of bags from 1 liter to 24 liter sizes. Our product line is flexible enough to run single-unit loose bags in a semi-automatic mode as well as strip bags for a fully automated filling process. In addition, our automated bag loader can separate bags in-line either before or after filling. With quick-change tooling, our systems will accommodate any type of fitment from any manufacturer. Our systems can be designed to fill chilled product or temperatures up to 185 °F (85 °C).

Advantages Of ABCO’s Bag-In-Box Fillers

  • Increased production capacity

  • Enhanced yields and profits through improved precision and accuracy

  • Increased productivity with loading and unloading automation

  • Improved clean environment from drip-free filling, sanitary design, and clean-in-place system

  • Ease of use via a customized operator interface

  • Increased uptime facilitated with production monitoring

  • Long equipment life with durable and quality construction

ABCO blends considerable experience and unparalleled technical proficiency to design, build, and support the best bag-in-box solutions, providing the highest efficiencies.





  • Highest speeds and throughput

  • Highest yields

  • Precision accuracy

  • Turnkey lines / automation

  • Durability

  • Quality construction

  • 40 years of industry experience


  • Automated bag loader and unloader

  • Fully programmable fill levels and rates

  • “No-drip” valve

  • Bag and cap sensors

  • Automatic cap removal

  • Servo-driven positive displacement pump

  • Fill up to 60 bags per minute

  • 1 to 24 liters

  • +/- 0.3% fill accuracy

  • T316 stainless steel product surfaces

  • T304 stainless steel non-product surfaces

  • Allen Bradley controls

  • Quick change tooling

  • Clean-in-place design

  • Box loader

  • Customized operator interface

  • Compatible with packaging lines


  • Nitrogen topoff

  • Case erector / bottom case sealer

  • Top case sealer

  • Case coder

  • Product and case labeling

  • Automated palletizer with stretch wrapping

  • CE and UL listed panels


  • Wine / Spirits

  • Beverage / Soda

  • Water

  • Hand Soaps

  • Commercial Detergents

  • Petroleum Products

  • Motor Oil